Karina Nimmerfall
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[2005–2006] Substitute Locations

Photo-text series
46.5 x 40 cm (each)

Substitute Locations is an image/text-based series investigating ideas concerning the "cinematic map": a filmic description of space and location used in Hollywood-level productions, which seem to replace the actual "real" location by their (re)construction and presentation within the media. In relating to architectural space, as well as the strategies for their representation in film and TV productions, the project documents filming locations from the U.S. hit TV drama C.S.I., specifically the second unit (establishing shot) footage designed and produced in the environs of Los Angeles, depicted on the show as either Las Vegas, Miami or New York. The series Substitute Locations exists as a form of documentary, not one whose aim is to portray a supposed "truth" in reality, but instead a work that intends to highlight the possibilities of a fictional space: an area that each day is claimed to be almost more real than reality itself.

"[...] The nature of the photograph and the organization of the presentation follow the aesthetics of conceptual art, in terms of their vocabulary of forms and even the choice of font in the text documents. But interestingly, the aloof documentary character is reminiscent not only of early conceptual strategies in view of the immediate link to the television medium, Nimmerfall's photo-text montages could equally be exemplary, but also infinitely continuable records from a location scout's archive or excerpts from a photo-based storyboard. With this choice of style Nimmerfall clearly tries to link up with the organizational forms of television: the quality of her work is precisely that she has, on the one hand, found a conceptually stringent form that she sticks to throughout, and on the other hand—depending on the context—allows for all manner of references.[...]" - Maren Lübbke-Tidow

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