Karina Nimmerfall
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[2005–2006] Second Unit: Miami

Wood construction, paint, two rear-projection videos, stage projectors
Dimensions variable (approx. 500 x 800 x 225 cm)

Second Unit investigates cinematic descriptions of space and location used in Hollywood level productions, which seem to replace the "real" location by their (re)construction in the media. In relating to architectural space, as well as the strategies for their representation in the media, the project uses interiors from the hit TV series C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigation) in three separate versions: Las Vegas, Miami and New York. The project depicts for each city (show) a generic space—a run down, sun-drenched loft (Miami), a dark and shady room by night (Las Vegas) and a cramped apartment (New York)—which can only be assigned to a certain location through its pattern of usage in the film (second unit photography, colored filters). By extracting single views from different television camera angles of the interior and combining them into two new space-image projections within a built environment, the installation coins a new simulated experience of the interior and forms an interface which is used to shift one's levels of perception, creating new "space time situations". Now a former television depiction has been turned in an active space, experienced not only by viewing, but by walking and participating in a space.

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