Karina Nimmerfall
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[Since 2006] Inside Establishing Shots

Photo-text series
45 x 110 cm (each)

Inside Establishing Shots depicts—in the form of a "double vision"—architecture of well-known establishing shots and backdrops from science fiction films, and combines them with a "fact sheet" containing information about the locations and their assignments in film productions. Focusing on the gap between the futuristic staging of modern and postmodern architecture in Hollywood-level productions and the often more or less unspectacular mundane appearance, the photo-series broaches the issue of architectural clichés used by the film industry and their patterns of representation.

"[...] Nimmerfall works very consciously with the fact that images invariably evoke meaning, and thus, in a very subtle manner, thwarts a paradigm of photographic, documentary image processes found in earlier conceptual art. It is not just about demonstrating how the film industry purposefully uses architectural clichés or about the patterns of representation that come into play by working them out in objective documentary processes—although that is one aspect. It is also, and above all, about drawing attention to the fact that there is no neutral image space, but rather that all space always evokes associations: depending on what information accompanies it (here), by playing with perspectives and by means of (selective) textual information. In this work specifically, Nimmerfall very explicitly examines the game of allocations of meaning by generating constructions of image space—cleverly exaggerated in terms of form and aesthetic—whose fictionalization in both the mind and the screen format is already inherent, against the backdrop of a factual, theoretical process that has its frame of reference in former strategies of conceptual art [...]" - Maren Lübbke-Tidow

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