Karina Nimmerfall
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[2009] Vertical Villa (Part Two)

Architectural model from black MDF and transparent film on acrylic-glass, rear-projection video, wooden table construction, poster
145 x 430 x 159 cm

The sequel Vertical Villa (Part Two) was developed during a residency in New York City in autumn of 2008, as a response to the city's situation after the collapse of the financial markets. Based on both the ubiquity of construction sites and the numerous luxury high-rise projects by star architects put on hold in Manhattan, it combines a luxury urban apartment's architectural style with aspects of global financial markets.

"[...] One of these shots—the skyline of New York—is the basis for Karina Nimmerfall's installation Vertical Villa (Part Two). The aerial photography has in addition been digitally altered and alienated. Heavy rain obscures the view of the city and fast moving dark clouds and the stirred waters appear troubling and threatening. Suddenly, a house bursts into flames, but the cars on the streets do not move, as if frozen in time. Signs of human life are missing. It could as well be the long shot for a disaster movie, which foreshadows the doom of the city with numerous special effects and thereby creates a scenario of threat that has already oftentimes been seen in the movie theatres. ... The transparent surface of the architectural model reveals the projection behind the sculpture. Thereby, not only a spatial connection is created, but also a possible future scenario denoted. [...]". - Beate Anspach

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