Karina Nimmerfall
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[2010] The Glass House (Representational)

Computer-generated animation transferred to Blu-Ray.
55 second loop, color / silent

"[...] This poolside image presents solely a vacant ground of visual recreation, an architectural forensic scene consisting of virtual cinematic memories and clichés. With this image, in addition to the disappearance of actors, one also finds that any human connection brought about by the use of celluloid film has vanished as well. The work is also however not created with any help from the glossy surface predominantly found in currently popular high definition modes of production. It even avoids the stilted crisp focus of standard video broadcast systems, those formats normally used in network television. Here the viewer is presented instead with a computer-generated panorama. It is an image produced not with traditional cinematic methods, a view never seen through the lens of any camera system. It is constructed of coded information and graphic data file systems. This is the technique most recognized from video gaming systems and 3D modeling programs.

In connection to the current techniques of 3D modeling, it can be hypothesized that perhaps Nimmerfall aims to vacate the image of as much human emotion as possible, solely to display and present with as little distraction as is necessary, the visual arrangement of cinematic compositions and their strategies. In the same way that architects now use 3D modeling to understand scale, site and geometry, here the modeling of filmic compositions lays bare the artifice of their creation and planning. This abyss of virtual space contains no direct human connection. It arrests solely the planning of space involved in cinematic set design.[...]" -
Jeff Luckey

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