Karina Nimmerfall
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[2017] Parallax Space

Coated wood, glass, two aluminium mounted computer generated images (prints)
270 x 89 cm (each)

Parallax Space focuses on the process of translating a three-dimensional space into a flattened image. The starting point of the project was the organization of space within a new government office complex, particularly the interior public corridors and waiting areas. Generated from the building layout, and referencing the motive of its glass panelled doors, the computer-generated images 'open up' the walls of the building’s hallways, to give the passerby virtual views into the rooms behind—albeit with a twist: instead of looking into the actual functional office space that is hidden behind, these new views open into a light-filled, abstract space that plays with the displacement and manipulation of space and time, as well as real and imagined space.

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