Karina Nimmerfall
A_New_Room_Ansicht_01 spacer A_New_Room_Ansicht_Ansicht_02 spacer A_New_Room_Ansicht_03

[2018] A New Room of One's Own (The Benchmark Standard)

Aluminum drywall construction, wallpaper, framed computer-generated image
290 x 200 x 9 cm

"[…] What appears in the outlines of these constructed and imaginary images is the projection of a future lifestyle assembled through visual codes and simulacra. The rendered images refer to a given visual structure reminiscent of photographic reality. Materials and surfaces are the main actors in these prints, seen visually, as abstract signs. The wallpaper—the printed version of what is seen in these images—creates a material anchor to these ungraspable images. Only by situating the prints on physical displays in the exhibition space, revealing the rear-side of these constructed walls of aluminum, particle board, and paint, do they situate themselves in a model-like, speculative architectural context […]" - Lilian Haberer

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