Karina Nimmerfall
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[2020 – 2022] Unintentional Monument (The Matrix Code)

Modular display, 15 framed computer-generated images, 2 animated infographics on tablets, text files folder
Dimensions variable

Unintentional Monument departs from the history of the innovative research culture of the RAND Corporation (the Cold War think tank, founded in 1948), reflected in its largely unknown, now demolished modernist headquarters building in Santa Monica, California. The project presents a search of the lost building within a network of time, history, events and locations, following its influence on contemporary debates around technology, architecture, and interdisciplinary research settings. It interweaves different elements of computer-generated images, digital animations, and narrative research notes into a sculptural display, thus inviting a rereading of the entanglement of visual arts, science, politics and economics within current knowledge production.

"[…] This memorial is a reminder of both the expiring model of the think tank, in which work and architecture were intertwined in an exemplary way, and of the cluelessness of the experts to predict the distant future. In drawing a (now no longer magical) circle for the not yet, they commit themselves to the “near future.” Karina Nimmerfall, on the other hand, calls our attention to the imperfective not anymore of dispositives of (thought) labor that are currently subject to massive transformation processes. […]" - Lisa Stuckey

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