Karina Nimmerfall
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[2005] Second Unit: Las Vegas

Wood construction, paint, two rear-projection videos, stage projectors, two projection mirrors
Dimensions variable (approx. 530 x 650 x 225 cm)

"[...] Nimmerfall's projections are strategic non-places that magnify the ambiguity surrounding the identity of the location. Her projected scenes are blank but stylized moments that challenge the avid film buff or television watcher's subconscious recall. [...] it does playfully reference the indexical archive in terms of how Nimmerfall collects, conceives, manipulates and intentionally re-choreographs crime scenes into engineered experiences. The work seems to relate more closely to Immanuel Kant's thoughts about space and time as forms of intuition or conditions of perception imposed by the minds of each viewer—a space that is really nothing in terms of object, since they exist, by their very nature apart from us." - Max Kazemzadeh

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