Karina Nimmerfall
Second_Unit_New_York_view_01 spacer Second_Unit_New_York_view_02 spacer Second_Unit_New_York_view_03

[2006] Second Unit: New York

Wood construction, paint, two rear-projection videos, two projection mirrors
Dimensions variable (approx. 550 x 540 x 230 cm)

"Nimmerfall rear-projects interiors—crime scenes from the hit television series C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigation)—onto walls strategically positioned to physically herd viewers through a corridor, out the other end and around the back of the installation to view this precariously positioned, filmic, architectural spectacle from behind. With each step, a new discovery is made and a new fallacy revealed. [...] Nimmerfall's installations physically encompass the viewer and intentionally fail to immerse, using the video content to alter the viewer's sense of space, perception, and time. [...]" - Max Kazemzadeh

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